Sustainable Leadership

Sustainable Leadership Education

Sustainable Leadership is becoming a more recognizable term. DKA has been training leaders to address health, social, economic, and environmental concerns of low-income communities and the underserved since our inception.

The key element of creating sustainable solutions is to identify the specific needs of your local community and then work with DKA mentors to develop your strategic plan to meet these needs.

As a leader of your community, the improvements you can bring are significant. It may be a local coffee shop or providing needed clothing or cooking supplies. Whatever the need is, your DKA education will teach you how to meet that need in a sustainable and replicable way.

Think of the benefit you will be to everyone in your area. By providing a needed service job opportunities for others as well as yourself, you can launch a sustainable business in your community. The term “sustainable business” refers to competitively advantageous strategies and practices firms adapt to grow revenues, cut costs, improve market share, enhance brands, and redesign products and processes to reduce or eliminate adverse environmental and health impacts. Students will study trends and science driving the growing demand for clean technology and life cycle product designs. Students will look at drivers of corporate innovation, strategic shifts, and new markets, learn skills to help identify market opportunities, and understand the tools, concepts, and frameworks used by companies currently pursuing sustainable business opportunities. Through the use of articles, technical notes, cases, and guests, the course examines company strategies and practices while providing history and frameworks for context and comprehension.

You will learn the elements of an enabling environment necessary for project sustainability, the design of sector strategies, and the ingredients of individual project quality sustainability.

As with all new ventures, there is some risk, DKA experienced staff will educate you on the substantive and the institutional aspects of the design, the appraisal, and the implementation of development projects to ensure their sustainability and mitigate the risks of conflict.