Department Of Business Management

Dr. Bari Courts

Dean’s Message,

At DKA, the university prepares students for leadership roles, fosters entrepreneurial growth, and conducts modern research that informs business practice. The DK Business program is an exciting place to be because it provides an environment that encourages the development of a multitude of gifts and talents.  We’re educating tomorrow’s leaders, and we are improving the economies of African nations by improving the communities we live in.  As a College of Business, we aim to act like a good business: we think about return on investment in what we do and in the programs we offer; we try to create value for our students and the greater community we serve; we aim to streamline the experience of anyone intersecting with our college; and we seek to improve the lives of our stakeholders. We take our jobs seriously and aim to develop students into outstanding employees, entrepreneurs, and leaders in local communities and wherever they go.

Whatever one’s life and career goals, DKA programs and faculty can help transform students into lifelong learners with the ability to thrive in an ever-changing world. If you are considering a business major or are taking courses as part of the DKA (general education program), I invite you to take advantage of the resources and opportunities that DKA has to offer.”


Dale Kietzman Academy Department of Business management is committed to an educational approach that is culturally relevant and socially aware.

We offer

  • Certificates
  • Associate
  • Undergraduate
  • Post Graduate Degrees

To help our students to efficiently manage businesses in the 21st Century.

All Our Diplomas Are Issued From The USA.

We are approved to offer degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate level.

85% Job Placement 

For All Our Graduates in Africa


for all students in Africa

Transfer to USA College

Transfer during or on completion of your program

Textbooks are FREE

Online library of research manuals

Choose Your Learning Environment

Distance Learning Course (online & Zoom)


On Campus in Douala, Cameroon(with internet)


Our Unique Approach To Study At DKA

Small classes. 

At DKA, educational quality is high. And the way a student feels in a smaller academic setting is HUGE. We stand by our promise, that all our students receive individual attention and care.

Greater student involvement. 

Smaller staff sizes mean that professors have to use student volunteers more often. This provides students real-life experience in their fields of learning while strengthening the bond they have with their professors.

Higher quality professors. 

The chances of getting a rookie graduate student as an instructor are much higher in a large university that has numerous graduate programs with grad students that need trained to be professors.

Focused on students not research. 

Generally speaking, professors at big research schools have to prioritize their research over their teaching roles in order to preserve their careers and climb the ladder. This isn’t the case at DKA, where the way to advancement for professors is in teaching performance.

More feedback. 

With a smaller class size, DKA professors have time to provide comprehensive, thoughtful feedback on students’ work. Big schools breeze through papers as quickly as possible because of the sheer volume of papers (if not done electronically) that need to be graded.

More papers written. 

Students that come from DKA typically have written more papers before graduation than their larger school counterparts. And the more a student writes, the better they’ll be at communications – which is a must have skill in today’s global, connected economy.

Flexible curriculum.

Naturally more nimble than large schools, DKA is able to create and implement new, innovative curriculum for the changing needs of today’s students. And because we don’t have all the broad-stroke policies of a large school, we don’t always have to force programs and classes on every student.

More collaboration.

Smaller class sizes give DKA students more of an opportunity to collaborate with professors in groundbreaking research and cutting edge thought leadership.

Less bureaucracy

In large institutions, there are armies of secretaries and endless litanies of departments all of which make it hard to get your questions answered.

Personal touch. 

At DKA, it’s quite possible that everyone will know your name. There’s really not much you can do to replace the feeling of being special that every student (person, really) craves.


All Courses are 3 credits 

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