Adult Education


The DKA academic program is designed primarily for adults engaged in their profession. Adult students learn in ways that are quite different than when they were younger. This program, therefore, will use these established principles of adult learning:

  • Adult learners know what it is they need to know. This means that the student, rather than the professor, plays a major role in establishing learning goals.
  • Adults learn best when they are forced to use the information learned in a real-life situation.
  • Adults learn best by focusing on only one or two courses at a time.
  • Adult learners function best when proceeding at their own pace.


The Academy seeks to educate Christian men and women in undergraduate and graduate programs to produce critical thinking Christians who:

  • Engage the world of ideas.
  • Live with integrity.
  • Reason logically.
  • Hold and apply a biblically based system of values and beliefs.
  • Develop a commitment to cross-cultural understanding and engagement in order to function and serve in a diverse world.
  • Seek to view themselves and others as God does.
  • Participate in service and experiential learning opportunities.
  • Demonstrate competence in the set of knowledge, skills, and attitudes appropriate to their fields and levels of study.
  • Demonstrate competence in written and oral expression, observing the conventions of their discipline.
  • Integrate major fields of study with a biblical worldview.
  • Apply ethical principles that are consistent with biblical values.
  • Articulate and live out a biblical worldview.
  • Engage in their vocations as faithful stewards of God’s calling.
  • Serve the body of Christ and others as Christ served.
  • Use a broad range of investigative approaches.
  • Communicate and defend ideas on the basis of evidence.
  • Exercise faith appropriately in the process of critical thinking.