DKA Educational Philosophy


Education at Dale Kietzman Academy is founded upon four basic principles:

Principle 1: Student Related

A student’s ultimate goal should be to find his or her place in God’s plan. Instruction is consistent with areas of knowledge needed to realize their God-given potential. Students are free to hold and express individual convictions and to think for themselves and to make intelligent decisions based on principles in God’s Word.

Principle 2: Faculty Guided

Students may receive guidance through classroom instruction, independent and self-directed study, counseling and informal activities, each of which requires the best in academic and spiritual preparation. Faculty members provide a model of Christian living and are expected to meet the living standards that flow from the teaching of Scripture.

Principle 3: Educationally Balanced

DKA strives to maintain a balance between theoretical subject matter and application. Students are expected to acquire knowledge and master skills. They learn to make value judgments, develop a sense of responsibility, and to mature in every area of their personalities.

Principle 4: Practical Learning

Opportunities to apply facts and concepts learned in the classroom are provided through a variety of field education experiences. Truths are taught through methods and resources that affect student attitudes and behavior and emphasize usefulness in society as a whole.

Educational Values

Distinctives of Adult Education

Goals for DKA Graduates